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Hospital Care

Zachary Lyons, MD -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Lyons Family Medicine

Zachary Lyons, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician located in Glenside, PA

Developing a long term relationship with your primary care doctor improves the quality of care you receive. Hospitalized patients of Zachary Lyons, MD, at Lyons Family Medicine in Glenside, Pennsylvania, experience continuity of hospital care through Dr. Lyons involvement during your hospital stay. To improve your quality of care, schedule an appointment online or call Lyons Family Medicine today.

Hospital Care Q&A

What is hospital care?

When a patient of Dr. Lyons is admitted to the hospital, he provides continuity of care through hospital care services. He will visit or call you while you are in the hospital to maintain his involvement in your care and speak to the hospital medical team providing your in-patient care to help coordinate treatment.

Having your primary care doctor involved in your hospital care eliminates the disconnects that often occur at hospital discharge. People often feel unsure about their next steps after leaving the hospital and the discharge summaries provided by the hospital isn’t always enough.

Will I see my own doctor for hospital care?

The hospital doctors, nurses, and surgeons are in charge of your care if you are admitted to the hospital. But Dr. Lyons recognizes he has a more comprehensive view of his patients’ health and medical histories and can act as a medical consultant to the hospitalist team to enable the best treatment.

Dr. Lyons makes every effort to visit you while you’re in the hospital to provide support and continuity of care to you and your family.

What happens when I’m discharged from hospital care?

For most people, a discharge from the hospital means you are handed a discharge summary of medications to take, and a note to follow up with your primary care physician within 72 hours. You might feel nervous about returning home after a stay in the hospital or unsure about what you need to do next for your health.

You have full continuity of care upon leaving the hospital if you are a patient of Dr. Lyons, as he remains involved even when you are in the hospital. Follow up appointments with Dr. Lyons soon after your hospital discharge help you safely and confidently transition from the hospital to your home.

Dr. Lyons resumes your care coordination after you are discharged from the hospital with the benefit of knowing exactly why you went to the hospital and what care you received. Preventing the need to return to the hospital becomes the focus of your continued health care with Dr. Lyons. 

To develop a long term relationship with your primary care doctor and ensure you will receive care continuity if you are ever admitted to the hospital, schedule an appointment today by calling Lyons Family Medicine or using the online booking tool.