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Sick Visits

Zachary Lyons, MD -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Lyons Family Medicine

Zachary Lyons, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician located in Glenside, PA

Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, you can’t always prevent sickness. At Lyons Family Medicine in Glenside, Pennsylvania, Zachary Lyons, MD, provides same-day and extended-day sick visits to give you the immediate care you need to start feeling better. To schedule a sick visit, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Sick Visits Q&A

What are sick visits?

Sick visits are daily appointment availability with Dr. Lyons, which are set aside to manage unexpected illnesses for patients. Sick visits are scheduled to address new or worsening symptoms or health concerns.

As a Member of the Lyons CCPHP program, Lyons Family Medicine offers same-day visits and after-hours communication via his custom telehealth app to connect immediately with Dr. Lyons when you feel ill and can’t plan ahead for an appointment.

When do I need a sick visit?

If you’re not feeling well, you may wonder when it’s time to call Dr. Lyons for a sick visit. You may be able to manage the symptoms of most illnesses at home, but if your symptoms aren’t improving or you feel worse, then it’s time to schedule a sick visit.

Dr. Lyons offers compassionate and comprehensive care for many common, unexpected illnesses, including:

  • Allergies
  • Acute injuries
  • Cold or flu
  • Cough
  • Ear infections
  • Headaches or migraine
  • Sore throat
  • Urinary tract infections

If you’re on the fence about whether you need a sick visit, call Lyons Family Medicine or use telehealth to discuss your symptoms. Dr. Lyons can determine if you should schedule an appointment or continue to treat the symptoms at home.

What happens at sick visits?

You can expect a thorough examination of your symptoms and medical history when you need to schedule a sick visit with Dr. Lyons. Because of the concierge medicine model at Lyons Family Medicine, you’re given adequate time at your appointment to discuss your concerns and treatment plan.

Dr. Lyons follows the review of your symptoms and medical history with a physical exam. He may request diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Sick visits usually result in a clear diagnosis of your health condition or injury. Dr. Lyons discusses your diagnosis in detail and recommends a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment plans often include:

  • Home care (rest, increase fluids)
  • Prescription medications
  • Topical ointments
  • In-office procedures

Some illnesses may require a referral to a specialist. Dr. Lyons has exclusive navigation to more than 60,000 Castle Connolly Top Doctors to refer to if needed.

To find out what’s making you feel ill and get relief from your symptoms, Call Lyons Family Medicine or schedule an appointment online. Same-day and extended-day appointments are available.